Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Days are Long...

There is a saying that goes, "The days are long but the years are short." Some days I feel like the days are long and the years aren't moving fast enough.  When I found out that I was pregnant again after just having a baby and taking care of that 3 MONTH OLD at the time, I knew it was going to be crazy but I don't think I really knew. We are definitely in the thick of it right now as they just had a birthday, Finn turned 3 and Trey turned 2, which unfortunately happen to be two of the most difficult ages in my eyes.  It's not all hard and crazy though. They really are pretty darn cute little boys that are full of energy and personality. It has been fun to watch them grow together and start to actually play together. They love to wrestle and get into mischief together.  For brothers that are so close in age they are really quite different.
Finn looks a lot like my side of the family. He is beautiful big blue eyes and the cutest dimples in the world.  He is starting to get little freckles on his nose which really melt my heart, I am a sucker for some freckles.  He is a fairly serious little guy. He has a surprising amount of patience and focus for a three year old boy. He likes to study things and figure them out.  He would listen to me read all day to him if we had the time. He loves to snuggle and watch movies or have me snuggle and sing to him while he falls asleep. Finn really likes to sing and has learned a lot of songs since he listens to a CD as he falls asleep most nights. He has a hilarious little lisp which makes the words 'awethome' and 'thilly' some of my favorites to hear him say.  His favorite things right now are monster trucks, curious george, paw patrol, trains, hot wheels and play doh.  He is generally a really sweet big brother and tries really hard to be patient with Trey.  Finn is my little helper, he always wants to help me bring in groceries or to put Trey to bed.  He has a big heart and I really love that little guy so much. He is also his Grandpa Terry's little buddy and shares a love of John Deere tractors and gummie bears with him.

Trey is a beautiful baby boy. It's sometimes hard to get mad at that little fella because he is just so darn cute!  He has big beautiful brown eyes, which thrills me to no end since I always hoped we would have at least one kid with brown eyes. He looks a lot like Mike did as a little boy, he is definitely a little Voorhies. He is a snugly and sweet little guy.  He likes to read books and point out animals or trucks. His two front teeth are chipped from hitting them on a flower pot, it's kind of cute and looks kind of redneck.  He has one ear that pokes out and one that does not. He lucked out with his dad's beautiful dark, long eyelashes.  He is starting to talk quite a bit and make all sorts of animal sounds and sound effects when he plays.  Trey follows Finn around everywhere and wants to do just what his big brother is doing at all times. He likes to get into things he isn't suppose to and once he has been found he likes to quickly make a mess before you catch up to him.

For the boys birthday we picked a day in between both of their birthdays and celebrated together.  It was a tractor birthday. We got them both small little play tractors and then a big tractor they can drive and ride in.  They LOVE it! Finn was excited because it looks just like Grandpa Terry's lawn mower. He calls it his John Reindeer Tractor.
 The boys were pretty thrilled about their tractor. Trey can hang out in the back or next to Finn.

 Tractor cakes filled with pudding and oreo dirt and some worms.

The first video is when the boys first saw their tractor and then the next is of them driving. Sometimes when the weather isn't very nice outside we let them drive inside.
Happy Birthday to our sweet boys, we love you so much and wouldn't have our life any less crazy!

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