Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bear Lake 2013

 We just got back from our trip to Bear Lake with Mike's family. It was so much fun!  We first headed to Salt Lake to pick up my niece Sydney and her friend and to quickly say hi to my family, never long enough to spend with anyone :( We brought with us our friends the Richardsons that live here in Colorado right up the street from us.  This year at Bear Lake was particularly fun because Mike bought into a time share on a boat with some docs at his work. 
 Here is the group of kids that were there. The majority of the family stayed in the main cabin. David and Ben's families stayed in a nearby place as did James, Janice, Boston, Savannah and Uncle Newell and his son Mason. It was such a fun group of people. The kids did great and all got along.
 Here is a picture of the side of the cabin. The playground was used pretty much constantly.  Next year we want to stay in this place 
 This is the Richardson family minus their two boys Ike and Emmitt.  Collin, Sarah, Macey and Elle.
 One of the days we rented a trampoline for the lake. The kids and adults had a great time launching each other off of it.
 One morning while in Salt Lake we took the Richardsons to Silver Lake for a walk.
 Sarah, Emmitt, Ike, Ken, Sophie, Elle and Macey.
 Here are my parents with our little Trey.
 Kennedy at the top of a mountain all the kids climbed.
My Mom with Trey and my Dad with Finn.
 Finn and my Dad, most people think they look alike. If he grows up to be like my Dad he'll be a lucky kid.
 Collin and Ike with Mike and Sophie.
 There really is nothing better than the Utah mountains, they are so close and so beautiful!

 Here is a pic of our little bud Cooper, my brother Tyler's little boy. He is such a beautiful baby boy!
  The cabin had a lot for the kids to do. Along with the playground it had a volleyball net and a game room downstairs with pool, ping pong and a double shot basketball game.
 The darling little twins swinging away. I gotta say watching Amber with those twins made me glad that we are done with babies and that I never had twins. My mom kept Trey for a few days for us so we could have a break, it was wonderful! We were all in one room and having Finn and Trey sleeping in the same room  for even a few days was interesting.
 Such a beautiful view of the lake.
 Here is my darling sister in law Kinsey, pregnant with her second little girl and my wonderful mother in law.
 Here the kids are all lined up learning how to play mafia. Shane also taught them how to play kick the can. It was so fun to see them all play together and get along so well.
 Ben swinging his little girl Sloane.  
 Kennedy had a great time in the water and building things in the sand.
 The beach was a little boys paradise. Finn could not get enough of the mud and throwing the rocks.
 Kinsey and little Sloaner.
 Grandma Janice and Grandpa James, and yes those are ski poles....hum?

 My little Sophie, always up for anything and always having a good time.
 Elle, Macey and Kennedy playing in the dirt.

 We do most things with Shane and Jenna Gardner so it was fun to have them up there with us as well.
 Here is Jenna and their darling little girl Hazel.
 We took the kids on a bike ride which turned out to be quite the workout for the adults. Needless to say, the kids weren't exactly pulling their weight.  It was a lot of fun and ended in gigantic snow cones.

 Savannah, Josh, Kennedy,Boston and Morgan putting on a little gun show!

 Hanging out on the boat with Mike and Sophie.

Sarah and the kids on the bike ride.
 Shane, Jenna and Hazel.
 My niece Sydney and her friend Ashlynn.

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